Pubcon2019 SEOの権威 Greg Gifford氏にインタビュー

(Where are you from?)


(I’m from Dallas, Texas.)




(Dallas, Texas, Texas. Yes. Okay,Let me ask you a question about your company. what is your company doing?)


(I work for a boutique SEO company. And we have a lot of automotive clients. We have clients that are restaurants, we have clients that are medical spas. So we kind of have a lot of different verticals. Yeah. So we do, we pretty much specialize in local SEO. So we do local SEO for lots of different companies all over the country.)




(What kind of work is it??)


(So I am a local SEO guy and what I actually do for the agency that I’m at now I’m the Vice President of search, so I oversee the strategy of what we do. I oversee the teams to make sure that we’re training everyone up on what needs to be done. And I work on efficiency in the processes of what we do.)




(Oh Really?, how many times have you participated in Pubcon?)


(That is a really good question because it’s tough to remember. I think this is my ninth year. Speaking of pub con. So I’ve been coming for a long time.)




(Have you participate in as our exhibition?)


(I lose exact track, but I think this is either my 22nd or my 23rd conference to speak out this year. Yeah, I speak all over the world. I’ve spoken in six different countries this year six or seven countries outside of the US this year. So I do a lot of conference speaking.)


(So when I speak, I’m always talking about local SEO because that’s what I that’s what I’m kind of an expert in.
That’s kind of been my area for a long time.
So I’m mostly sharing tips for small to medium businesses that have a physical location that are trying to show up in a localized search.
So for instance, using Tokyo as an example, if I’m a restaurant in downtown Tokyo, and I want to show up well for sushi, I specialize in getting that restaurant to show up well, when someone that might be a tourist that’s in town pulls out Google Maps and says I need to find a sushi restaurant near me. I do all the things to help businesses show up well in those localized searches.)


ー私はホーキンスが今朝、コーリーズがPower BIを使用して大量のデータを取得し、そのデータを視覚化したことからいくつかの洞察を引き出すことについて話していたセッションを本当に楽しみました。
(I really enjoyed the session that choreographed and joy Hawkins did this morning talking about Coreys was using Power BI to take massive amounts of data and visualize that data and pull some some insights out of that. And then joy Hawkins had one that was talking about very specific examples of things that you can do to show up better and local search. I really enjoyed the session that choreographed and joy Hawkins did this morning talking about Coreys was using Power BI to take massive amounts of data and visualize that data and pull some some insights out of that. And then joy Hawkins had one that was talking about very specific examples of things that you can do to show up better and local search.)




(What do you think about the Japanese SEO industry?)


(So I don’t actually know that much about the Japanese SEO industry other than what I’ve heard. So I’m friends with Kenichi Suzuki, who apparently is a pretty big deal over there. I don’t know, but I met him four or five years ago. conference and we just kind of became friends because we see each other all the time I see him four or five times a year. But one thing that I know is local SEO hasn’t really caught on in Japan as much yet. So that’s one of the things that he actually took. I do sometimes at conferences, I’ll do a training class before the conference. And he took my local SEO training class so that he could go back and help teach some of the people over there in Japan about some of the special things that I know to help businesses show up.)




(You expect from his SEO industry in the future?)


(So I think in the future, people really need to pay attention to the direction that Google is moving.
So Google is trying to figure out how to use real world signals as a ranking factor instead of relying simply on content and links.
So I think it’s really important for people to start being proactive, and think about what’s coming in the future.
Instead of saying, oh, Google just made this update. How do I change what I’m doing for this update, you need to start thinking ahead of the updates after so one of the most important things is now that we know that Google is starting to look at real world signals.
We need to be better marketers because so many SEOs rely on little tricks and tactics to do better, when it should be more about what do you need to do to build the brand that you’re working with?)


(So I mean, the most important thing is to just stop thinking about individual tactics and think that now that it’s entity based search, it’s all about building your brand. So it’s all of the marketing the old school Marketing things, the things that marketers used to do 40 or 50 years ago to build the brand. That’s what’s important. Now, think more about the human aspect and stop worrying so much about Google)




(What is this exhibition like?)


(Really, I was just here because this is kind of the biggest get together of all of the top experts in SEO. So I like to come. And honestly, I don’t really learn anything from sitting in the sessions. I learned because I get to hang out with all of the other speakers. And so at dinner at the bar at the parties, we’re talking about things and that’s where the real magic happens. That’s where you really get good tips where somebody will share something specific afterwards. So I like to come to this to learn things in the smaller group As opposed to learning stuff in the sessions.)


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