Survey! To the strongest teal organization Zappos! !

The guild project member of Boost Ltd. candid reporting Las Vegas!

The purpose of coming to Las Vegas

The main members of our boost guild flew to Las Vegas!
Our goal is



Pubcon tour!


I was absent because the purpose this time is not gambling.


It is a real disappointment…


Elite groups led by geniuses are participating to help them convey their knowledge and the ability to gather information to convey the appeal of the world’s most advanced SEO conference!


Using all its resources, The boost guild will communicate the appeal of Pubcon!
The first massive quest since I became a guild player! I’m so excited! !


When I was a junior high school student, I’m as excited as when I first visited Dondorma in Monster Hunter 2 (dos)!

About Pubcon

If you don’t know about Pubcon, read this article please.


I participated in the world’s largest SEO conference Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2019


To put it simply, it is a festival where great people related to the Internet gather.
This article will be part of the Pubcon tour and will be a report of Zappos, a world-famous teal organization.

It ’s all-out war! !


You won’t understand why I’m writing a report without joining Pubcon.



I think so too lol


Right now I have an English sentence (↓) extractsed by a speech recognition app called “otter” while visiting Zappos

And there is a note (↓) that my friends wrote down while listening to English desperately.

Such an unreasonable!



However, I know that my friends work hard in Las Vegas through interaction with my peers.


This visit to Pubcon is a guild all-out war
So I will do my best to convey the effort to the whole world.


Please enjoy Zappos’s identity, which has been read from English transcripts and notes of friends!

Infiltrate! To the strongest teal organization Zappos! !

What is Zappos


How much do you know about a company called Zappos?
I don’t know anything so Let’s investigate!



・ ・ ・ It is a great company.


Just a quick survey


・ The company that Amazon surrendered.
Amazon really wanted and bought it for $ 800 million.


・ There are no people in the United States who do not know.
It seems as though I’m not studying, but that’s not the case because I’m Japanese.


・ I asked the employee what this company is doing.
Then, “It is a service company that only happens to have a shoe sales business.”
He replied.


too amazing···
I’m lucky to be able to relive the tour of such a company with the voice of the local live!


I will endeavor to deliver the essence of Zappos as accurately as possible.

The core of the teal organization, 10 core values


Zappos has 10 core values that are the foundation of everything.
Here is it


1.Deliver WOW Through Service
2.Embrace and Drive Change
3.Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
4.Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
5.Pursue Growth and Learning
6.Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
7.Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
8.Do More With Less
9.Be Passionate and Determined
10.Be Humble


A group of people who share these core values is a company called Zappos, and it can be said that the way of expressing these values is a Zappos activity.
Core values are reflected in great customer response, recruitment, dismissal, and employee engagement.


All of the companies express these 10 core values.


I felt that it was important for me to become a manager and create a better culture in order to work with everyone.
My presence embodies Boost Corporation. I will become such a presence.

Hiring and dismissal

Most companies should have set the core values ​​and corporate philosophy (vision, etc.) like Zappos.
However, I have never heard of a company in which all employees work with common values.


How did Zappos foster a corporate culture?
As I listened to it, I thought there were two factors.
One of them is the hiring and dismissal system.


The most important factor in the adoption of Zappos is compatibility with culture.
Zappos tests employees for 84 days.
Employees can only graduate after a four-week test.


Those who do not meet the 10 core values ​​in that period will not hire no matter how high the ability, so the pass rate is about 1%
Even if they are hired, people who are determined not to fit the corporate culture will be offered an offer to quit because they pay a month’s salary.


I thought Zappos showed the importance of 10 core values through hiring and dismissal.


The future is said to be a community era.
If you want to improve the world in that community, you need to have the functionality.
However, in order to make the most of its functions, I thought again what kind of human resources the community is made up of.

Employee experiences and bonds

This is the last.
There was one thing that our CEO and guild player were most impressed with.
that is···



Employee love and bond


Employees greets great pleasure when employees pass each other.
They also work with pride in their work.
I felt that this was another factor that shaped the culture.


Zappos is committed to employee engagement anyway.
I think that the love and unity between employees will deepen through the synergies between hiring with emphasis on the suitability of the corporate culture described above and employee engagement.


I felt this was like a cultural festival where everyone was motivated!
I was serious about school events, so I was very excited about the situation!


In addition to employees, Zappos itself provides an environment that respects the love and personality of employees.

Employees can decorate their desks freely.


If you are told that I like my desk, fill it with flowers and bonsai!
I also want to put a tank with tropical fish.

You are free to bring your dog to work.
Of course clothes and hairstyles are also free.


I want to open piercings, but it ’s very different from me, which is prohibited by company rules.


If you are valued by your company, you will want to value your company.
I would like to give back as much as everyone in the company can help!!


The information on the main part of Pubcon will be updated later, so please look forward to it!

We are updating our blog, so please follow us on Twitter!


↓↓ We are looking for questions and content you want to post in the question box.
Listen to anything overseas, casinos, poker, etc. ♪
If there is something difficult to study, I will study and explain instead!


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