I participated in the world’s largest SEO conference, Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2019.

Hello, this is Kansai ♪


I’m in Las Vegas now.

Although this is my first overseas coverage, I am working hard with Inconvenient English, otter and Google translation.

I will continue to provide detailed reports and coverage articles one by one, but first I would like to touch on the impressions of Las Vegas and what kind of event it is.



Let me briefly explain why I decided to join Pubcon2019.

The reason was that the Genius, our president, was invited by Ejiri representative of the Association of Web Analysts.

Speaking of Web Analyst Association …


The other day I went to the Web Analyst Conference hosted by the Web Analyst Association, and it was a great number of seminars.


Also, I heard that Creator ’s NEXT CEO Nozomu Kubota, who was recognized as one of the most successful web analysts in Japan in 2018, has received recognition from over 10,000 qualified personnel …


Mr. Ejiri “Las Vegas, would you like to join us?”


The Genius replies a ready answer in a messenger conversation.


Genius “Do you come with me for coverage?”


Kansai “Of course I will go! !”



So I started this visit to Las Vegas with full of momentum.


What is Pubcon?


In the first place, Pubcon is the world’s largest conference on SEO.


What is SEO?

It’s a word that can’t be separated from digital marketing and web analysts, but many people may have heard it.


SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization” and means search engine optimization.

A series of efforts to make websites more exposed in search results is called “SEO measures”.

ーーーーFrom SEO hack


With regard to SEO, once you take measures, it is not the end.


For example, in Google, the algorithm will change, so you may need to take measures.


What kind of people are gathering at Pubcon2019?



The lecturers will be Google Webmaster Trend Analysts, Bing Senior Program Managers, Dropbox SEO Leads and more.


It’s just like “Avengers” in Marbel.


At Pubcon 2019, Kenichi Suzuki from Faber Comapny, the first participant from Japan, was also a speaker.



There are many impressions of consulting by digital marketers and distributors, but visitors vary.


I felt that there were a lot of Japanese participants.


In terms of the number of people you see, is it about 30? The impression is that it is surprisingly large.


From Japan to Las Vegas, it takes about 18 hours and the time difference is 16 hours, so it’s amazing.


Pubcon’s ticket price is $ 999 (US $) if you want to listen to all sessions for 3 days.


If converted to Japanese yen, 107,534 yen (JPY) * 2019 as of October 10


I feel that the hurdles are a little high even if it is a global exhibition. For that reason, there were places where a total of 8 people participated in one Japanese company seeking the latest information.


In addition, many visitors from outside of Japan have the impression that the main purpose of participation is to collect or learn the latest information.







WEB analysis tool, support tool to raise the site to the top of search engine ranking, content production company, etc.


Participants will find products, tools, and services in the exhibition area that may become valuable resources in the future.


The feature is that many things can be learned from the exhibitors, and it seemed that the booth was out of sight regardless of whether or not it was introduced.


“They don’t spare information, so it’s a good idea to ask them a lot.” The regular said, so I asked them a lot.



Features of Pubcon


The appearance looks like this and the inside is quite wide.


In the morning, you can enjoy MTG while eating rice in the morning … (Other SEO-related exhibitions are gorgeous with fruits, yogurt, etc.)




The exhibition booth looks like this ↓

It’s quite busy.

Various things such as VR experience and talking about services while listening to novelty.

When I asked the exhibitor, “Do you have a response?” Everyone responded positively with “Good!”!


The atmosphere is slightly different from Japanese exhibitions.



This is a WACA podcast booth that broadcasts a program that interviews various participants ♪

Contrary to the enthusiasm in the venue, the room is very cold with air conditioning. Make sure to bring something to wear.


The concept varies depending on the host city 


According to information purchased locally, pubcon will be held in all 5 cities, including Austin and Florida, but all have different concepts.


Therefore, curriculum and messages are different, so if you attend all conferences in 5 cities, you can get various information and become a master …


The instructor’s message is also changed according to the visitors.


It seems that the approach is slightly changed depending on whether there are many agents or in-houses (there are SEO teams in the company).


In addition, there are abundant sessions, so it is very convinced to visit every year.


After party


After the 2nd day of the conference, we had dinner with members from Japan and shared their self-introduction, the purpose of participating in the conference, and the impression of pubcon.


Each member has a different occupation, so the viewpoints they see and the sessions they attend are different.

Therefore, exchanging information and outputting has become a time to become more aware and deepen learning!

In this share, I think that I could spend meaningful time because I could interact with each other.


“The jet lag is so bad that I recommend taking a nap once!”


“The interpreter’s earphones should be smaller than the headphones, so it may be rude to the instructor.”

The share with them was interesting and a lot of laughter occurred.


In my case, I was struggling especially with English translation, so I understood all the contents of the session and came back with more details about SEO! It does not mean that.


However, through the interview, I feel that this event has become visible through people.


I would like to keep you posted in the article about the contents of the interviews and the contents of the sessions (seminars).


Mr. Ejiri, thank you very much for this valuable opportunity.


Click here for the latest information on the conference contents ▼

(It is translated in a very easy-to-understand manner by “note” given by Nozomi Kubota)




As soon as the seminar was over, articles were posted at a surprising speed, so I was impressed that it was a really wonderful ability.


Finally, I asked Kubota today for tips,


It seems that he uses the right and left brain at the same time.


When I heard it, the left and right brains stopped.




See you next time.










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